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Why Lifeline Series-7 (Non-EMF) ‘Earth-Core‘ Energy Band

is The Right Choice

Lifeline ‘Professional’ Series-7

Earth Core “Magnetic Energy Bands

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“The Most POWERFUL ‘Earth-Core’ Therapeutic Energy Bands on the Planet

Alleviate chronic pain, backache, wrist pain, knee pain, leg pain, elbow pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, headaches, blood circulation, hip pain, heel pain, depression, sports injuries, bronchitis, insomnia, tendonitis, pinched nerve, sciatica, rheumatism, bed sores, low energy, autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis and vascular disease. Additionally Lifeline can positively affect asthma, fibromyalgia, infections, ruptured disks, tennis elbow, chronic back pain and shoulder pain and MORE

Gauss Power is the unit in which the strength of a magnet is measured. The higher the Gauss Power the stronger the magnet. For an example a normal fairly Strong Refrigerator Magnet produces approximately 150 Gauss Power (15,000 uT ‘micro-Tesla’). Magnetic Energy should have a minimum of 800 Gauss Power (80,000 uT ‘micro-Tesla’). Many magnetic products available for sale do not have the minimum required Gauss Power for Penetrating purposes. Before purchasing a magnetic therapy product always ask for the strength of the product if the Gauss Power of each individual magnet is less than 800 Gauss Power then do not buy the product as it does not have the power to penetrate through the skin into the body.

Compare Options…

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Exposure to EMF Radiation Deforms Healthy Blood Cells (Click HERE). EMF Live Blood Analysis Observable Effects from RF/MW Radiation Exposure produced by Any Form of an Electromagnetic-Field such as Cell Phones, Computers, Smart Meters, Wireless WiFi, Cell Phone Towers, High Voltage Power Lines and other Sources of Electromagnetic Equipment has Proven to Cause Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Cancer, Leukemia and other Serious Illnesses.

Option: 2

NIKKEN or Chinese Made ‘BUTTON-MAGNET’ Jewelry


Magnetic Therapy Requires a Minimum of 800-Gauss Penetrating Energy per ‘each’ Magnet (contact location) is Required to effectively Penetrate the Surface of the Skin. A typical CHINESE or Nikken Magnetic Bracelets that contain 25 tiny 30-gauss ‘Button’ Magnets does Not Provide enough Energy to Penetrate beyond the Surface of the Skin and can Only Produce a Temporary ‘Placebo’ Effect. Google: If the Gauss Power of each individual magnet is less than 800 Gauss Power, do not buy the product as it does not have the Power to Penetrate through the skin and into the body.

Option: 3

Lifeline ‘Series-7‘ Earth-Core ENERGY Magnets

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‘Lifeline’ Series-7 ‘Earth-Core’ ENERGY: Each Lifeline Magnetic Link Produces approximately 12,500-Gauss Penetrating ‘Penetrating Energy’ and when Combined with both the Necklace and Bracelet, provides enough Strength (937,500-Penetrating Gauss Energy) to Effectively ‘Penetrate and ReEnergize’ your entire Body within a few short Minutes.

Lifeline ‘Series-7‘ Earth-Core Magnets


Produces MORE ‘Therapeutic’ Results

Lifeline ‘Therapeutic’ Series-7 ‘High-Gauss Penetrating Energy’ Bands are made with Durable “Midnight-Diamond” Protective Patina whereby achieving 99.9% Pure Strength from a Highly Complex Smelting (Purification) Process, providing a Deeper, Stronger, Natural Magnetic Penetration Producing Greater, More Beneficial and Long Lasting Results as Compared to Any Leading Competitor.

How Lifeline ‘Therapeutic ‘ Earth-Core Energy Bands Work…

Research has proven the Effectiveness of wearing High-Gauss Penetrating Energy Earth-Core Energy Band Magnets and have concluded that Magnetic Strength is absolutely imperative in order to Penetrate into the Deep Muscular Structure in order to obtain desired results. Our research has clearly shown that when using High-Gauss Penetrating Energy ‘Earth-Core’ Magnets will both ‘Attract and Charge’ hemoglobin, a red, ‘Iron-Rich’ protein and consequently binds an Oxygen Molecule (O2) to the Red Blood Cell (Hemoglobin) and effectively distributes ‘Oxygenated’ Blood Cells throughout the entire body. This shows Indisputable Proof whereby using of our ‘Earth-Core’ Lifeline Energy Band is clearly why our Customers are experiencing Undeniable Results.

The Science of Magnetic Energy

Lifeline ‘Therapeutic ‘ Earth-Core Energy Bands Demonstrate, that if an Increased Therapeutic Magnetic Penetration up to 2″ is needed from both sides of the surrounding area where Lifeline Energy Bands are placed (see above), a configuration of 2-Barrels per each 1-Ball Design is Recommend however, if Deeper (up to a maximum of 3″) Therapeutic Magnetic Penetration is needed from both sides surrounding the Lifeline Energy Band, a configuration of 3-Barrels per each 1-Ball Design is Recommend. Concurrently, If only 1″ of Therapeutic Magnetic Penetration is needed surrounding the Lifeline Energy Band, a configuration of 1-Barrel per each 1-Ball Design is adequate.

How Lifeline may help to Slow or even Reverse the ‘Aging Process’

Magnets activate life-promoting enzymatic activity which, in turn, encourages normal cell division. This creates a healthier organism and may then slow down the aging process. Several studies on animals show magnetic therapy to increase lifespan. In order to balance the energy of the organs and glands throughout the body, it has been suggested that one apply magnetic fields to the whole body. Resources: Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: Review of 30 Years of Research by J. Jerabek & William Pawluk, MD Published 1998 http://www.scribd.com/doc/112413013/Magneto-Therapy

Lifeline ‘Therapeutic’ Series-7 Earth-Core Energy Bands

Lifeline Earth-Core Energy Bands have affected so many people in so many different beneficial ways. These Results are not just from Lifeline ‘Therapeutic’ Earth Core Magnetic Strength but more Importantly, from the way they are Connected.

Connecting Lifeline Earth-Core Magnetic Energy

Connecting ‘Lifeline’ Earth-Core PENETRATION Links with the Energy ‘BOOSTER’ Links and when Connected into a RING, produces a Magnetic Energy Field similar to the properties of a Magnetic Particle Accelerator consequently, forming a Magnetic Energy Field within the Lifeline Energy Field and according to Magnetic Particle Research Physicist, very possibly Rotates the Magnetic Energy Field close to or very near the Speed of Light. This is clearly apparent as to why Lifeline Earth-Core Magnetic Energy Bands produce what many have described as a Calm/Relaxed ‘Balanced’ Energy which is evident as a Direct Benefit and Indisputable Results that many have experienced by their Results.

We’ve been Truly Amazed in how ‘Lifeline’ Earth-Core Energy Band has affected so many people in so many different ways. We are discovering that these Remarkable Results are not just from the Strength that is produced by Lifeline Earth Core Magnets but rather in the way they are Connected Together…

‘Lifeline’ Energy BandBonds Oxygen Molecules to Blood Cells: by Magnetizing Iron-Rich Protein (Hemoglobin), Increases Blood Flow by Aligning Blood Cells like tiny Magnets thus Effectively Permeating the Entire System with ‘Enriched Oxygenated Blood’.

When used in conjunction with AquaSmarter (www.AquaSmarter.com) Water Purification Capsules, ‘Lifeline’ Earth-Core Energy Bands, provides a Complete Energizing and Biocidal Cleansing whereby producing Ionization (Electrical Particles) that Neutralizes Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses on Contact.

FYI: Goggle/Youtube, “Cancer is a Fungus” and “Oxygen Kills Cancer Cells”.

TINY ‘BUTTON-MAGNETIC’ BRACELETS: It is quite common to go to a local market or shopping centre and find a magnet therapy stall selling tiny low-Gauss ‘Button-Magnet’ jewelry for $50 and more for just a Bracelet. There are literally hundreds of magnetic therapy suppliers around today. Many people have noticed how magnet therapy is going in popularity especially as many celebrities jump on the bandwagon. These stall holders often sell their products at very low prices. How can these stall holders sell their products so cheaply it is not only because they sell ‘weak’ ‘Button-Magnet” Bracelets and because of their low overheads as they would like you to believe. It is because the products that they are selling are sub standard. They are usually low gauss ferrite magnets with only around 500 gauss per magnet. The jewelry may not be made with a copper base, which is best for Penetrating purposes, and they may not have gold or silver plating on them. Many people will have a reaction to some metals which are not gold or are silver-plated.

Always Choose ‘Strength’

‘Lifeline’ Earth-Core Energy Bands provide apx. 12,500-Gauss Penetrating Energy per each ‘Earth-Core’ Magnet Link. A minimum strength of 800-Gauss Penetrating Energy per each individual magnet is required to ensure that the magnetic field is powerful enough to penetrate through the skin and into the blood stream. It is absolutely vital for anyone who is currently using or contemplating using magnets to thoroughly understand what is the appropriate strength of magnet to use for Penetrating purposes.  

If a magnet does not have a minimum of 800-Gauss Penetrating Energy then it will not penetrate into the skin. Having said that, an 800-Gauss Penetrating Energy magnet is by no means weak as it does have just enough strength to stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation.

The unit of magnetic measurement is called Gauss Penetrating Energy. The unit Gauss Penetrating Energy has been replaced in industry with a more up to date measurement the Tesla. However in medicine magnets are still rated in Gauss as the Gauss Power measurement allows for a more precise calculation of lower strengths, than those used in industry.

Lifeline ‘Super-Charged’ (Swivel) Magnets“MAINTENANCE” Bracelet’s and “CHARGING” Necklaces are rapidly gaining in popularity as they offer such a deep level of penetration and create a very large and penetrating magnetic field. The stronger the magnet the deeper the penetration into the skin and the wider magnetic field, so for more serious ailments and chronic, longstanding conditions, stronger magnets are recommended. 1,500-2,000 Gauss Penetrating Energy magnets are considered to be high strength. For extreme pain and very severe chronic conditions super strength magnets are advocated.


The results are evidently more rapid with this strength of magnet. High-Gauss Penetrating Energy Magnets are recommended for people who suffer with Severe Pain, Fibromyalgia, M.S., M.E. and Arthritis.

There is a Depletion of the Earth’s Magnetic Field,

by Thomas G. Barnes, D.Sc.


It is known that the earth’s magnetic field is decaying faster than any other worldwide geophysical phenomenon. A comprehensive ESSA Technical Report1 gives the values of the earth’s magnetic dipole moment (the vector which gives the strength and direction of the magnet) ever since Karl Gauss made the first evaluation in 1835.


The original source of the earth’s magnetic field was the original electric current circulating in the core of the earth. No one knows how that electric current got started any more than one knows why the earth was originally spinning on its axis. The two are not related but they are both original states of the earth. The electric current and its associated magnetic field have been decaying ever since the origin of the earth… https://www.icr.org/article/182/

Decaying Magnetic Field Causing Emotional Stress

You may well be feeling the deep disruption in our planet’s entire magnetic field due to the accelerating decay of our planetary dipole field. Our magnetic shield is decaying rather rapidly and although this does get noted from time to time in the scientific literature there is hardly a word in the news. http://projectearth.com/founder-essays/view/43-feeling-a-bit-uneasy-here-lately

A Rapidly Decaying Magnetic Field – 10 Best Evidences From Science

The earth’s magnetic field has rapidly and continuously lost total energy since its origin, no matter which model has been adopted to explain its magnetism. According to creationists’ dynamic decay model, the earth’s magnetic field lost more energy during the Flood, when the outer core was stirred and the field reversed direction several times. https://answersingenesis.org/evidence-for-creation/5-rapidly-decaying-magnetic-field/

There are Hundreds Of Magnetic type of Jewelry to Choose From

How to distinguish which one is best suited for my needs

Even though the bracelets on one website may look exactly like the bracelets on another website it doesn’t always equate that they are the same strength. In actual fact they can vary by as much as 2,000 Gauss Penetrating Energy per magnet and that makes a lot of difference to their ability to reduce pain. The other pitfall you face is the number of magnets in each bracelet; even designs which look identical don’t always have the same number of magnets in them. For instance, the open ended bangle type bracelets can have either 2 or 6 magnets in them and not all suppliers list how many magnets are in their bracelets.

You should NEVER buy any Therapeutic Magnet if you do not know the strength!

The larger surface area is responsible for picking up the fork not the strength. Do not be dazzled by CHEAP CHINESE magnets. If a retailer refuses or cannot tell you the strength of their magnets but says that they can prove their strength because they can pick up a fork or knife with the bracelet do not be fooled. A weak industrial disc magnet which is 18mm in diameter can pick up a fork but it will only be around 800-Gauss Penetrating Energy. This does not denote strength merely size. Basically, the ability to pick up cutlery is linked to size not strength. A 5,000 Gauss Penetrating Energy magnet which is 4mm in diameter will easily pick up a fork and it is substantially stronger than a 800-Gauss Penetrating Energy magnet which is 18mm in diameter. Even a large 800-Gauss Penetrating Energy magnet will not penetrate into your body as fast or far as a smaller 5,000 Gauss Penetrating Energy magnet.

Magnetic STRENGTH Produces Results

Can your button-magnets do this…


‘Lifeline’ Series-7 provides apx. 12,500-Gauss Penetrating Energy per each ‘Earth-Core’ Magnet. A Minimum of 800-Gauss Penetrating Energy per ‘each’ Magnet (contact location) is Required to effectively Penetrate the Surface of the Skin. A typical CHINESE or Nikken Magnetic Bracelets that contain 25 tiny 30-gauss ‘Button’ Magnets (totaling only 750 Gauss) is not nearly enough to Penetrate in order to Cause an Effect however, our Lifeline ‘Therapeutic’ Series-7 ‘Earth-Core’ Energy Bracelet produces approximately 312,500-Gauss Penetrating ENERGY (apx. 12,500-Gauss Penetrating Energy per each Link) while our Lifeline Series-7 ‘Earth-Core’ Energy Necklace, produces approximately 625,000-Gauss Penetrating ENERGY. Combined, both Necklace and Bracelet provides enough Strength (937,500-Gauss Penetrating Energy) to Effectively ‘Energize’ your entire Body within Minutes.

That is the Obvious Difference that Lifeline ‘Therapeutic’ Series-7 Earth-Core Energy Band produce 12,500-Gauss Penetrating Energy (per Each Link) as compared to Any Other Therapeutic Magnetic Jewelry on the market today.

You can actually ‘Feel’ the Difference

Lifeline ‘ Earth-Core Energy Band makes in your life...

Lifeline ‘Therapeutic’ Energy Band

LIFEline Series-7 Photo Sm

“The Most POWERFUL ‘Earth-Core’ Magnets on this Planet”

“Looking GREAT has Never FELT So GOOD!”

Lifeline ‘Therapeutic’ Series-7


Now with 12,500-Penetrating Gauss-Power ‘Penetrating‘ Energy per Each Link

Lifeline provides a 120-Day REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE against ‘All Manufactures Defects’ (Misuse or Abuse Excluded).

Go ahead and try it for 15-days and if you’re not COMPLETELY SATISFIED, simply Return it for a Full Refund excluding Shipping Costs.

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Magnetic Energy Therapy

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