…I placed the Lifeline Magnets Necklace on my mother’s head for 30 minutes and her Dizziness was gone. Her character changed. She became Adorable and even told me that she Loved the lamp I made for her. In other words, I’m bringing Crazy-Glue with me tomorrow to Glue this Lifeline Magnets Necklace to her Neck in so she’ll Never take it off again. Thank you.”, Thomas Corella

Thanks to, I am Walking Again! “I was in So Much PAIN that my Doctor told me I would Never Walk again! It’s because of Lifeline Magnets that I am Walking Again! Less than one year ago, I had a serious motorcycle accident that had Broken my Lower Back in two places (L4 & L5) which my Doctor had told me that I would Never Walk again. Thanks to Lifeline Magnets, I am able to do things in my daily life that anyone who knows my condition, could only Dream of doing. Less than a month after wearing the Lifeline Magnets, I began noticing a lot less pain and an increased strength in my lower back. It’s been only two months since wearing Lifeline Magnets and I’m able to walk the entire mall with my family without pain and without my back-brace. Thanks to Lifeline Magnets, I can now live an almost normal life.”, Michael (Audio Testimony)
“Since wearing your new Lifeline Magnets, I have been feeling immensely good! It’s absolutely incredible! I don’t feel tired during the day and my concentration has improved tenfold… I have had problems with concentrating for a long period of time and after beginning to wear these just yesterday, I have worked tirelessly for hours and with greater concentration! I am amazed how the effects have been absolutely remarkable and immediate.” Michael (Law Student)

“Lifeline Magnets Reduced my High Blood Pressure, Joint, Back and Muscle Pain while Eliminating Toxins. Wearing these magnets has also provided me with a Deeper and more Restful Sleep. This is a truly remarkable product.”, Stephen

“I love this thing. Your Lifeline Magnets necklace is great. Looks good, makes me feel great, fun topic to talk to people about, splitting it in two with my wife, daughter of friend and share my bracelets. I’ve noticed that my energy has definitely increased since wearing my necklace.” Chris “World Champion Professional Motocross”.

After reviewing our (unedited) Testimonials and Reviews, you will agree that Lifeline Magnets provides an ‘Effective Solution’ for Eliminating PAIN, STRESS, High Blood Pressure, Poor Circulation, Inflammation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Backache, Dizziness, Sports Injuries, Low Energy while Improving your Concentration and Memory and so much more.

Choose ‘Strength’ over Appearance: Lifeline Magnets provides apx. 12,500-Gauss Healing Energy per each ‘Earth-Core’ Magnet. A minimum strength of 800-Gauss Healing Energy per each Magnet is essential in order to Effectively Penetrate through the skin and blood stream. It is absolutely vital for anyone who is currently using or contemplating using Therapeutic Magnets to understand an Effective Magnetic Strength for Healing Therapy applications. If a healing magnet does not have a minimum of 800-Gauss Healing Energy, the Benefits from Magnetic Energy will not penetrate the skin thus is rendered as an Ineffective Placebo. An 800-Gauss Healing Energy magnet has just enough Penetration Strength to Effect on the area thus producing considerably better blood flow. Stronger Penetrating Magnetic Energy produces Better, Faster and More Effective Results.

This is why Lifeline Magnets ‘Therapeutic’ Earth Core Magnetic Energy Rings produce a ‘Feeing’ that many have described as a Calm, Relaxed and a Balanced sensation of Energy which produces the Benefits they have commonly described by their Video, Audio and Written (click) Testimonies.

We Sincerely Appreciate your visit with us and that you too will Enjoy Sharing your Lifeline Magnets Experience with others as much as we have in Sharing their Experience with you. Sincerely, Dr. Stephen Verdon, Ph.D. www.InValTec.com

Lifeline Magnets provides a 90-day REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE against ‘All Manufactures Defects’. Go ahead and try it for 15-days and if you’re not COMPLETELY SATISFIED, simply Return it for a Full Refund excluding Shipping Costs.

“Looking GREAT has Never FELT Soooo GOOD!”…

Series-5 Now with 12,500-‘Penetrating”Healing-Energy’ per Each Link
937,500-Gauss’Healing-Energy’ per (Bracelet & Necklace) SET

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Lifeline Magnets ‘Midnight-Diamond’ Series-5

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…I placed the Lifeline Magnets Necklace on my mother’s head for 30 minutes and her Alzheimers Dizziness was gone.

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